1. one of the gifs I made for work!  I’d never really done anything like this before, so it was fun to learn!   I made 3 more for FoxADHD, so once they are posted I’ll put them up!

  2. just a little maple syrup toast!

  3. some skulls and dudes :)

  4. I did comic covers for the Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors comics at Boom Studios!  It’s about time I posted these :3

  5. lotus sword!

  6. hair flowers!

  7. bunny masks and princes

  8. Hey!  Here’s some work stuff!  I recently started working as a character designer on the shorts team at Fox ADHD.  These are some of my concepts, turn arounds, and poses from the shorts I’ve worked on so far!  

    The cat guys are from this short that just came out today!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iW7H458t37o

    Also mark wahlberg. 

  9. succulent wizards!

  10. bunny hero

    hello new followers!  thank you for following me :D

  11. It’s my little sister’s birthday today so I drew her pet birds!  Happy Birthday Shannon! 

  12. bunny, donut, and a guy on the subway

  13. tube socks

  14. Merry Christmas!  :)

  15. hot chocolate is pretty great