1. succulent wizards!

  2. bunny hero

    hello new followers!  thank you for following me :D

  3. It’s my little sister’s birthday today so I drew her pet birds!  Happy Birthday Shannon! 

  4. bunny, donut, and a guy on the subway

  5. tube socks

  6. Merry Christmas!  :)

  7. hot chocolate is pretty great

  8. Hey, sorry it’s been so long!  Here are the turnarounds and assets that I did for the Legend of Korra Shorts!   

  9. Hey guys!  Last fall I did character and prop work for the Legend of Korra online shorts, and the first episode was just posted!  It was a really great experience, and I am so happy that I was able to be a part of it! 

  10. more turtles!

  11. goku and the ultimate bowl cut

  12. doughnut necklace

  13. ice cream scarf wish

  14. ninja turtles and raccoon 

  15. hot dogs and pizza swords